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AR 900 backpack battery

Backpack lithium-ion battery with high capacity for longer running times and charge level indicator with six LEDs. Sturdy housing with integrated carry handle and comfortable harness with lap belt and central buckle. 80% charge in 180 minutes or 100% charge in 250 minutes with the AL 300 charger.

Version Price
AR 900 backpack battery
£1,038.35 (incl. VAT)

Battery power / capacity Wh 1) 891
Battery voltage V 36
Energy content Wh 2) 916
Weight kg 7,1
Battery weight kg 6.5
Capacity ah 21.8
Battery cell technology LITHIUM-ION
Battery life MSA 160 C-BQ min 3) 180
Battery life FSA 65 min 3) 330
Battery life FSA 85 min 3) 160
Battery life HSA 65 min 3) 450
Battery life HSA 66 min 3) 660
Battery life HSA 86 min 3) 660
Battery life HLA 65 min 3) 660
Battery life BGA 85 min 3) 110
Charge voltage V 41
  • 1) Running times depend on the conditions of use and may vary
  • 2) Energieinhalt gemäß Zellherstellerspezifikation. Zur Erhöhung der Lebensdauer ist der in der tatsächlichen Anwendung zur Verfügung stehende Energieinhalt geringer.
  • 3) Battery life times depend on the conditions of use and may vary
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